Family May 2015Our family has been into DIY, Homesteading, Natural Health and Survival for over 40 years.  We have been working from home for 38 years running multiple businesses in Music, Health and Wellness and an Herbal cottage industry, to name a few.  
That enabled us to homeschool for 30 years, sing together and travel.  Gardening and wildcrafting food and herbs, preparing food from scratch like grinding our own grains, sprouting and culturing, performing acoustic music, running family dances and several homebirths are all part of our homesteading lifestyle.
Wayne, after working professionally as an artistic car painter, our Mr. fix-all/handyman, salvage expert, and song writer, can improve most anything and is known for the quality and care he puts into any and everyone’s projects.
Leslie, having a degree in Chemistry, enjoys investigating how things work, creating items that are healthier and good for the environment, using what others discard, gathering and growing food and herbs and helping others.
Our children, all grown now and four with families, own businesses in producing live and recorded music, running our music and fun YouTube channel, Health and Wellness , essential oilscomputer services, professional and creative sewing, reducing chemicals in household and cleaning methods and plasma cutting. They have continued the learning process of creating and living a liberating lifestyle, on property out of town, many homeschooling and homebirthing.
We are all happy to have rediscovered much of our lost heritage!

Having been asked to share our own knowledge

and others’ helpful information, we aim to provide this out of concern, and to help Survivalists, Homesteaders, “Off-Gridders” and “Preppers”, not only to have a better chance of surviving, but achieve their very best, helping others, having a positive, informed outlook,  addressing details,  and ultimately thriving.  Come what may, to name a few:
Weather disasters
Power failures
Breakdowns in government, military, law and order, affecting safety and losing freedoms
Economic collapse
Food and water shortages
Plagues and the diseases that come from lack of clean water and poor hygiene

Welcome and prepare to have many more resources!

In the articles and content we produce here on this site, we are dedicated to bringing you more than a recap of the latest news and headlines.  We want to show you that Survival Skills World is multifaceted and truly has a life all its own.

Let us know what you are interested in or would like to see more of.

Enjoy, Share, Tweet and Link and anything else you can do to the content on our site!  Thank You!

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