Self-Sustaining Off Grid Villages

How would you like to live in a community, off grid, creating its own power and growing  your own and recycling water?  These are beginning to be built in Europe.

I was most impressed with the vertical aquaponics systems for growing food. Each home has its own garden right outside and everything is self sustaining. I am really impressed. Water and waste are recycled!

They have a good point that so much of how we live now, is not sustainable.

Have we become so dependent on so much being supplied for us, that we have lost touch with where everything comes from, and where it goes?

This is a very exciting solution!

NaturalNews) James Ehrlich, founder of ReGen Villages, commissioned Danish architectural firm EFFEKT to envision a future where self-sustaining could grow their own food and produce their own energy. ReGen Villages are planned communities that address issues ranging from climate change to food security through sustainable design. They plan to start building these utopian communities this summer.

There are five principles behind the ReGen Villages: “Energy positive homes. Door-step high-yield organic food production. Mixed renewable energy and storage. Water and waste recycling. Empowerment of local communities.”

Homes in these gorgeous communities are totally designed for sustainable living. They’re powered by photovoltaic solar panels, but passive heating and cooling systems take pressure off the electrical use of each house. Families grow their own vegetables and fruit in connected greenhouses. Together, the houses form a “shared local eco-system.”

Villages include several public squares that are equipped with electric car-charging stations, and there are also vertical aquaponic farming spaces. The community shares water storage facilities and waste-to-resource systems. In addition, there are areas for livestock, communal dining, playgrounds, and community learning centers.

EFFEKT Partner Simon Lynge told Dezeen, “Our modern lifestyle is utterly unsustainable and this calls for more resilient solutions for the future. The technology already exists, it is just a matter of applying science into the architecture of everyday life.




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