Garden Soil to Grow Food; How Important Is It?

Do we take our soil for granted and figure everything is there to grow amazing, nutritious food, just like many say you can “get everything you need” from eating a so-called balanced diet?  Most people have woken up to the myriad of factors that determine whether food grown on a particular soil is really healthy.  So that leads to the farmer’s attitudes evident in this quote:


 “Our entire agriculture industry is based on chemical inputs, but soil is not a chemistry set … It’s a biological system. We’ve treated it     like a chemistry set because the chemistry is easier to measure than the soil biology.”


Getting back to the land is crucial in survival and sustainable living. We have been shopping in grocery stores for so long, I feel we have lost our connection with the earth and all the amazing things it does!  Whether we realize it or not, we will always be dependent on food grown in soil.  The question is, are we going to take full responsibility or pay someone else (buy food at the grocery store) to take care of us who is of course, trying to make a profit, and may not use all the resources that create the most nutritious food, therefore a different level of quality?


 When we admire good soil’s dark chocolate-cake sponginess and sweet smell, we’re admiring the handiwork of trillions of soil microorganisms over time.


As pointed out throughout this website, you being in peak health is crucial to even surviving!  Your mental attitude, your immune system and even your strength and fitness, are all fueled by excellent food!

For many other details about soil and how it works:  Check out the full article here!


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