BlueberriesWhile you are growing food so you will be able to feed yourselves, make sure to add some blueberry bushes.

Blueberries have so many benefits but even just for this one reason, they should be high priority. In a survival situation, having your brain function at its peak can make or break you. It is no time to be dull and un-creative, you will need to be thinking at high speed!

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“This study not only adds science to the claim that eating blueberries are good for you, it also provides support to a diet-based approach that could potentially be used to increase memory capacity and performance in the future,” the study’s principal investigator, Dr. Matt Whiteman, said.

The scientist further emphasized how important it is for people to begin incorporating more blueberries into their diet as they approach middle age, because research indicates that the condition could begin affecting one’s brain decades before the first symptoms ever present. And while researchers don’t yet know at what amount blueberries’ protective effects begin, Krikorian believes that eating the fruit several times per week will do the trick.”

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