Victory Gardens, Food Supply Out of Control!

OK, so you didn’t think you needed to garden any more, apples easily get here from New Zealand, bananas from Ecuador and grapes from Chile.  The produce department in the grocery stores always has lots and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

But, the prices are going up and up.  Lots more people started growing gardens that hadn’t been. When I was growing up, we had one feeble attempt at a garden and that was it!  My husband’s family had a bit of acreage and always had a big garden plus chickens.  Both sets of parents had grown up on farms and ranches but we lived on a landscaped, manicured lot in town, on the side of a hill; not real conducive to gardening!

I learned to garden from my in-laws and it was a steep learning curve that hasn’t stopped.  I loved producing our own food and then really healthy food became one of my priorities.  I wanted my kids to know how and they all do garden from a few raised beds to a 100 x 50 feet huge plot.  The ones still at home help with the family garden, berries and fruit trees.

Humans seem to slack off and take it easy if they don’t have to do something, which is why this article is written here.  In a collapse, the stores will be empty in a matter of hours.  If you need your own food supply, you need to learn how to grow it before needing to depend on it.  Storage only lasts for awhile and that brings up the next issue.

Our health has been going downhill as a nation because of not eating fresh, nutritious, whole foods.  The produce in the store is old and has lost a lot of its vitality already.  We don’t even need to talk about the “food” in the grocery store that doesn’t resemble its original source at all!  In a survival situation, you need your body to be working at peak performance which means it needs the best fuel.  I am not talking about what you may picture as fuel, energy drinks loaded with caffeine, carb loaded foods and sweets, I am talking, what our bodies were designed to do the best on.  High quality protein, fats, whole grains, fruits and lots of veggies, the more colorful the better.

So we have three reasons a victory garden is crucial right now.

  1.  Food to eat and gaining skills for any scenario
  2.  Save money
  3.  Restore and maintain vibrant health

Wellness Mama addresses the war on our health as a main motivator for present day Victory Gardens:

During the first and second world wars, many countries encouraged their citizens to grow gardens, often called “Victory Gardens.” This relieved some of the burden on the public food supply and was marketed as a way to help the war efforts. In fact, some sources report that 41% of the food consumed during these times was grown in these home gardens.

Vacant lots and public parks became fields of vegetables and many people grew gardens in their front yards or on rooftops.

Read the whole article here


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