Superbug Gene (Scary) found on USA Pig Farm

Can these get into the human food supply?

How would you feel about eating pork or any meat for that matter that carried a superbug gene that could incorporate into your body’s DNA?

Several medical researchers and scientists have been warning frequently in recent years that the so-called “superbugs” are proliferating across the world faster than modern medicine can stamp them out, due in large part to massive overuse of antibiotics. Well, another one has been discovered by researchers: a superbug described as very rare and frightening, and of all places, on a pig farm…“It is an extremely rare gene. How it got on this farm, we don’t know,” Thomas Wittum, head of the veterinary medicine team at The Ohio State University—who led the study team—told NBC News.

This Superbug gene can actually pass from one strain of bacteria to another, all ones that antibiotics may not be able to overcome.

…bacteria…resist the effects of a certain class of antibiotics…considered a last resort antibiotic, meaning germs that can resist…are extremely difficult to kill…Researchers said they found the material in a number of different species of bacteria on the farm. That tells them the bacteria have been passing the gene around…eventually (could) contaminate fresh retail meat products…

When was the last time you had antibiotics? Have you looked into natural infection fighters so this trend gets stopped? All this may just be setting the stage for another plague, one that could far surpass anything we have ever seen before in history!

Here is what our family has used for decades to ward and fight off bugs that most people would just run to an antibiotic for. These things worked for us on Strep Throat, boils, colds, flu, ear infections. Keeping your immune system strong and able to battle any kind of bug is more important now than ever before!

Are you prepared? We use these items preventatively on a daily basis and keep extra on hand for challenges.

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