Zika? Vitamin C worked?

Does Zika worry you?

Do you wonder what will happen if “the
mosquitoes” come your way? How have
you prepared for the Zika virus? Have you
been hearing conflicting reports?

Vitamin C researchers have long claimed its
effectiveness for many health issues including
overcoming viruses. As you can guess, Big
Pharma is not too excited about this and the
research has been suppressed. No $ for the
drug companies and short term illness
doesn’t create a lot of bills for the patient!

We have seen this Vitamin C result first hand
in our own family and in numerous friends over
the past 40 years!

After trying many kinds, we learned to look for an all natural food source, GMO free,
organic, tested toxin free, including a complete, high activity bioflavenoid complex, for
best action of the whole vitamin C family. The tablet should slowly and steadily release
over many hours to keep a steady stream going in without wasting extra.

The one we found that is all of this and gave us 10X the
results for the last 38 years is here.

This article tells the Vitamin C and Zika story:

For years, natural health experts have been extolling the ability of high doses of
vitamin C to fight 
disease safely, effectively and naturally. Now, a case
study from Puerto Rico – in which a woman infected with the Zika virus recovered
practically overnight after being treated with vitamin C – provides strong new
evidence for the claim.

Do you think this would be good to store and to carry in a
BOB? We have it for our family for sure! 

Actually we use this for maintenance, knowing that our health is our most valuable
asset in good times, but especially in bad times when challenges to our mental health and
immune system are crazy. When staying strong could mean life instead of death, for you
and your loved ones!

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