You pay close attention to everything that is happening around you and in the rest of the world,  never taking anything for granted.  You know nothing ever stands still and evil can triumph when good people don’t think our freedoms and what is right are worth fighting for.

You know things are always changing, faster than ever, making current events very volatile, and you position yourself to be ready for a variety of scenarios. You are looking for ways to take care of yourself, your family and your community.

Because we have all become so dependent on systems that can “break”, you are looking for answers to life’s common goals that can be accomplished, independent of these “mega systems'” or corporate services, driving finances, trade, communications, transportation, power, water, government, food, health, consumer goods, entertainment, protection and government.

You try to discover information, looking at every angle, in order to find solutions that fit your lifestyle, resources, expertise, skills and talents.

You know the resources are there so that you can recreate the self-sustaining small family farm that has been the ordinary way of living, or in other words, being responsible for yourselves, is the model that has existed and worked for millenia, even up to this last century.  You know the more people who are doing this, the less people who will be caught totally unprepared when the next disaster hits, waiting for someone else to take care of them.  It has already been demonstraated that the country’s present resources are not great enough or timely enough to stop massive suffering.

You like to research and enjoy getting educated and testing out your findings. You want to inform others who otherwise will be on your doorstep expecting you to take care of them too, with what you prepared for yourselves.

You want to be prepared for the not-so-nice takers who just plan on stealing from everyone else…a very unfortunate fact that has been demonstrated in so many disaster locations.

In this journey, you find many ways to get connected with how things work and where things come from.  You start saving money and get healthier, eating fresher, natural food, not wasting, learning to work with everything that is around you.  Putting into action one of my mottos, “Being faithful in small things”.



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