Self Sufficient Cooking-Strawberry Shortcake, Yum!

Our strawberries, raw cream skimmed off the raw milk we buy from a friend, our own honey and fresh ground organic wheat, some of that yummy cream soured and our own eggs, made into shortcake for last night’s awesome dessert!

1. What do you have growing to eat?*Our chickens and bees contributed to this healthy, cheery dessert!
2. Do you have a grain grinder?
*Mine has been pretty much in daily use for 38 years!
3. How about other resources like our friend with her 5 Jersey cows?
4. Do you have a stock of baking powder, salt and baking soda? How about wheat and vanilla?
*Did you know they used to use sourdough to raise pancakes, biscuits
and I assume shortcake too! Check out Little House on the Prairie Cookbook.

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