Cyberattacks? Cars, Webcams, Medical Devices, Baby Monitors….

One of our country’s former leaders??…gleeful about spying on us? And now the devices that are spying can be attacked and disabled?

After leaving Iraq in shambles, and before getting a slap on the hand for sharing classified information…General David Petraeus was the Director of the CIA. According to a 2008 story in Wired, Petraeus was ecstatic about the abundance of spying opportunities soon to be offered through the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT). Any home appliance or device would, Petraeus said, “change our notions of secrecy.” Now, those same internet connected devices that spy on you are the devices that can also be attacked and disabled.

The catastrophic dangers of cyber criminals shutting down internet connected systems is the message from cyber security experts who recently testified before Congress about the “growing mass of poorly secured devices on the internet,” as reported by….

…the October 2016 cyber attack on…the U.S. East Coast…hacking into “hundreds of thousands of Internet- connected devices, from Web cameras to routers.” Because no one died, cyber security scholar Bruce Schneier called the event “benign,” but he and others warned of far greater dangers.

Medical records, hospital elevators and ventilation systems either are or will be connected on line, as are transportation systems, power grids, airline systems, water systems, automobiles, “smart” home systems…

So it’s not just the power grid, it’s everything that we are depending on that is hooked to the internet. They could all be disabled! How sustainable is your lifestyle? What are you able to do without the internet, like we used to live?

This movie trailer will get you thinking!!

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