Fingerprints? Keep them out of online photos!

If you have photos with your fingerprints showing, you might want to consider removing them from the internet

so they cannot be stolen and used for identity purposes! As this article says, right now strong light is required for photos up to 9-10 feet away but as technology advances, even low light could be a problem in the future.

If you like to display the peace sign when posing for pictures or selfies, there’s a new strategy you should employ, effective immediately. Make sure the back, or fingernail side of your hand is displayed, and not the fingerprint side. If you are featured in any online photos where you are exposing your fingerprint, you might want to consider deleting those as soon as possible. Photos that are shared and stored online create an active database of fingerprints for thieves to exploit.

Advancements in photo manipulation software can now lead to identity theft; because it is now possible for identity thieves to successfully obtain your fingerprint data from images. Japanese professor, Isao Echizen, knows the dangers of exposing your fingerprints first hand. Echizen is advising people to reconsider the innocent peace sign pose, after a recent experiment was conducted by his team at the NII’s Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division, where they were able to successfully retrieve peoples fingerprint data from photos that were taken from distances up to three meters away. “Fingerprint data can be re-created if fingerprints are in focus with strong lighting in a picture,” said Echizen.


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