Superbug Antibiotic Resistance

This frightens me! How does it make you feel?

Deadly superbugs are evolving across U.S. hospitals… Chemical medicine has NO answers (but natural medicine does!)

So what kind of natural medicine works? I for one try to use a lot of garlic since it is called the “Russian Antibiotic”. Our family has also found that nutritionally keeping our immune systems strong prevents us from catching bugs or we get over them quickly and only have mild symptoms.

If there is a total breakdown of all systems, deadly disease is right around the corner but because of the overuse of antibiotics, this superbug problem is already here and growing, even if nothing else terrible happens!! What are you doing to keep your immune system strong and resistant?

Here are things we use and have had excellent results with although you are not likely to get this advice except from an alternative health source.

  1. Vitamin C, whole food source with high performing bioflavenoid complex for majorly increased effectiveness.
  2.  Vitamin A   all natural from a clean fish liver source and stirs easily into water.
  3. Garlic as food or enteric coated allium complex tablets

Superbugs are slowly taking over our world. Unless we take action, common infections could turn into unstoppable

killers. Some experts claim that drug-resistant bacteria may end up being deadlier than cancer when all antibiotics
start to fail.

Each year, 23,000 Americans die from infections caused by superbugs. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the estimated global annual mortality rate is 700,000. If this trend continues, by 2050, long forgotten diseases will strike back in full force, and an estimated 10 million people worldwide
will die each year.

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