Refugees? Serious Threat? Another Perspective…

Refugees coming here?  Who actually are they and how are they acting in the countries they have already entered? 

There are so many and varied situations to prepare for.

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We help people and have even had them living at our home.  Even with the best folks and family, things aren’t 100% though. Have you experienced the same thing?

A couple of times we took people in who caused untold damage.

Just one example:

One was a young, family friend with a new baby.  Money and food was stolen, our children were lied to and even were in danger, we were majorly lied to and when confronted, this young mom split and all we had invested went down the tubes according to this person’s lifestyle afterwards!  Turns out we were housing and helping someone, who if they had been turned in by their family, had committed a federal crime involving thousands of dollars! The lies kept us all fooled for a whole year and her family didn’t know where she went with their 5 week old, first grandchild after stealing a large sum from her relatives and their truck as a get away vehicle.  The truck was found at the train station 3 months later. Thankfully she was reunited with her family and they all sought help. 

So, if that can happen on a small scale, what could this huge influx of potential terrorists do here in the US?  “Tactics and Preparedness” had this to say about the situation from their unique perspective.

This whole article is important so I encourage you to read all of it after checking out these 4 highlights:

…[T]he Middle East and Africa are quickly destabilizing due to a combination of factors, including economics and violent extremists like ISIS. There’s Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sahel (including Burkina Faso’s government failing last week) and even central and southern Africa-MILLIONS of economic migrants and refugees are on the move.

…As a broad picture generalization, refugees in the Middle East and Africa north of the Sahara are trying to go North to Europe and England and African refugees south of the Sahara are trying to go south to South Africa.

Here’s why this is important…

It’s estimated that 75% of the refugees currently in Syria aren’t Syrian…they’re economic migrants who have already fled their home country (in many cases, ISIS) and Syria just happens to be where they are now. So, of the 200,000 refugees that Ambassador Kerry is talking about bringing into the US, roughly 150,000 aren’t Syrian.
THAT is important for 2 reasons:

It’s incredibly naive to believe that Syrians doing background checks on refugees from other countries will be able to accurately determine whether or not they’re going to be a threat once they’re in the US.
We can look at how these refugees are behaving once they get to England and South Africa to get an indication of how they’ll act once they get to the US.
One thing that both the Englanders and South Africans said in different ways was that, regardless of how good the intentions of the refugees were initially, hunger, frustration, and lack of opportunity because of language and marketable skills caused most to resort to crime………

It’s also important to note that many/most of the refugees are Muslim. That’s not a problem in and of itself, but it is a problem when many of those Muslims believe in Sharia law and aren’t interested in assimilating into whatever country they end up in……….

A passage of the Quran (4:100) says that it’s a good thing to “emigrate for Allah” and this practice, called “hijrah” is thought of as a form of “stealth jihad. And, although ISIS is insulted by the fact that the people who they enacted Sharia law on aren’t excited about it, they’re encouraging “true believers” to pose as refugees as a way to get free transportation to other countries they want to destroy.What is concerning is that robbery, gun related crimes, domestic burglary, retail burglary, and drug offenses are all massively higher……..

England is going back and forth on how many refugees they’ll take, but the fact is, they don’t have the infrastructure to support them. From plumbing to unskilled jobs to entitlements to keep the refugees fed, housed, clothed, and healthy……..

In South Africa

SMALL neighborhoods are getting half a dozen armed home invasions per week.

Neighborhoods that don’t want that kind of trouble are mounting nightly armed patrols. They’re working, but it’s not sustainable.

You’ve got professional people with day jobs patrolling when they need to be getting sleep. In one case, 7 people are doing 3, 3 hour patrols per night, which means that each person is losing AT LEAST 9 hours of sleep per week.

The patrols are working almost 100% of the time, but they’re like squeezing a long, thin clown balloon…it doesn’t get rid of the problem, it just moves it to another neighborhood.

Right now, it looks like there are ?????? of these refugees coming to America.  (all emphasis mine)

Read more… at “Tactics and Preparedness”


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